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The hot season for LED Flood Light-Zip Fin Series 30W-200W

Time£º2019/3/11 19:21:02

The hot season for LED Flood ligt is coming now, and SAV Lighting recommend our LED Flood Light-Zip Fin Series 30W-200W to our all best friends with high quality and best price.

Product Description

With the improvement of LED technology, LED flood lights are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to take the place of Metal Halide Lamp, and Sodium Vapor Lamps .Now LED flood lights are bright enough to be used for illumination purposes on large sport fields. Replacing the traditional lights with LED flood lights has became a unavoidable trend.

Our flood light is highly efficient and energy saving, can replacing metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting fixtures. The life span of this LED flood light reaches 50000hours, operate on electrical systems ranging from 85-277v, and provide compatible dimmable system according to requirements. Available in 200-watt version, this series of Flood Lights is designed with a Meanwell driver, and replace up to 400-watt metal halide fixtures.

Fin Series LED Flood Lights are the ideal solution for outdoor lighting, reasons are as follow:
1.Powerful and efficient flood light heat sink
2.Massive fins for efficient cooling technology,rapidly transfer the heat of the LED chips to the massive fins.
3.The entire housing coated by electrophoretic paint
4.PHILIPS 3030 or Epistar COB For Choice
5.30W-70W with CE driver, 100W-200W with Mean Well HLG Series driver
6.Eco-friendly choice to reduce energy consumption over 75%.
7.Significantly longer lifespan and reduce maintenance cost greatly.
8.Requires no warm up and durable, instant start up and constant output ensure the excellent performance.
9.Won¡¯t cause eyes fatigue and protect our eyes. No pollution substance, such as mercury and lead.
10.Stable and reliable, automatically reduce current against overheating working temperature.
11.Universal mounting design allowing for attachment to pole without re-drilling in retrofit applications.

Applications :

The Zip Fin Series LED flood light are widely used in outdoor places, including:
•Building Accent Lighting
•Landscape Lighting
•Security Lighting
•Parking Lot Lighting
•Area Lighting
•Storage Area Lighting
•Sign Lighting
•Tunnel Lighting
•Gymnasium Lighting
•Sports Field Lighting