Corporate Culture

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¡¾Corporate vision¡¿

Display a glorious world and light up a happy life!

¡¾Corporate mission¡¿

1The growth of employees is the foundation of the company;

2. Creating values for customers is the source of sustainable development of the company;

3. Pursue excellence, lead the industry, and build a world-renowned brand;

4. Contribute to the creation of a green and environmental world.

¡¾Seven Star values¡¿-High Aims with feet on the ground

Altruism and mindfulness

Tolerance and respect

Honesty and practicability

Positivity and integrity

Responsibility and trust

High efficiency and progress

Gratitude and sharing

¡¾View on business management¡¿

Everybody should try to achieve a balance between personal and professional life. Respect your team members without losing the competitive edge.

¡¾View on happiness¡¿

Happiness is more than an emotion but a state of mind. One should work happily, live happily, and achieve maximal value in both career and life.