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SAV Lighting Lauched a new rechargeable LED Tube Light

Time£º2017/2/1 1:00:48

The rechargeable LED Tube Light(you may call it as a rechargeable led light bar) can be hung from the hang hook, or attached to a metal object. Run time is approximately 6 hours, using the internal lithium-ion battery. Recharge time is approximately 8-10 hours. This LED Tube Light has three modes: Full Light; Dim Light(half light) and MCU SOS light. To charge the light, plug it into a standard household electrical outlet using the AC adaptor, or plug it into a Solar panel.

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And you can use it as a portable flashlight when you are i en you need alert or warn lighting such as road warning, SOS for help, automobile and examining&repairing.n camping,hiking fishing etc.


*   MCU dimming function. Three-way switch button: strong light, dim light, SOS

*   Equipped with concealed hook, NdFeB magnet&sling, applicable to a variety of

*  Super bright SMD2835 LEDs, soft light beam, no glare.

*  Built-in 3.7V/2600mAh Lithium battery with 6Hrs working time.

*  USB Micro DC inlet for lamp charging.

*   Solar Panel is optional.

*  USB output 5V 0.7A for cellphone charging.

* Smart driver inside, overvoltage & overcurrent IC protection to ensure safety.

* Aluminum+PC+ABS materials, compact&sturdy, stylish&elegent apprearance.

* Our own mould, we have the patent for its design.


Emerency Lighting: study room, bedroom, dormitory.
Portable Lighting: camping, hiking, outdoor cycling, fishing.
Alert/Warningg Lighting: road warning, SOS for help, automobile examining &repairing